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The Baby Buddy Nursing Pillow Testimonials and Reviews
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Here's what our customers have to say...
"One of the best pillows I have used. I couldn't live without it both as a professional and as a mother. "Dr. Janette Hurley, MD., C.C.F.P., A.A.F.P., I.B.C.L.C.

"The Baby Buddy Nursing Pillow provides a substitute for the extra pair of hands which every new mother feels she needs in the early weeks. It supports and aligns the baby with the mother's body, making feeding much more comfortable for both." Di MacDonald, B.N., R.N., I.B.C.L.C

"The Baby Buddy Nursing Pillow is great! I've had four children and have used it for each of them. I can't imagine nursing without it!" Edmonton, AB

"My children are now 8 and 10 and they still like their nursing pillows. The Baby Buddy Nursing Pillow is perfect for a pillow in the car while travelling long distances. It can be used on the lap to support books, games, etc.. There isn't a better pillow out there!" Bragg Creek, AB

"Canada Post just delivered my (twin) nursing pillow. Thank-you so much for getting it to me so quickly! The pillow is beautiful. My husband and I both agree that trying to nurse two without it would be nearly impossible."Medcine Hat, AB

"Thank-you for delivering my pillow so fast! I am expecting my baby in a couple of days and wasn't sure if I'd get my pillow on time. Your customer service is excellent and the pillow is wonderful." Brooks, AB

"We appreciate the rush you put on sending out our nursing pillow. Our baby was born early so we hadn't finished shopping for all the supplies that we needed. We were so pleased when we received your pillow only two days after ordering it. Nursing is so much more comfortable now - thank-you." Edmonton, AB

"My grandmother is 92 years old and loves to hold our new baby. Before we got our Baby Buddy Nursing Pillow, it was very difficult for her to be able to support the baby while holding her. Now she holds Emma with the help of your pillow and the smile on her face is priceless. Your pillow is not only the best nursing pillow, but it is perfect for grandma's!" Kelowna, B.C.

"We are very happy with The Baby Buddy Nursing Pillow.  I tried using regular pillows propped all around me for my first two children and decided to splurge and purchase a nursing pillow for number three.  What a difference...  I spend more time enjoying nursing and less time re-arranging pillows to keep myself comfortable.  I will be recommending your pillow to all my friends."  Vancouver, B.C.

"I called last week to order another Baby Buddy Pillow.  As usual, your customer service was excellent and I have already received the new pillow.  This is the 5th one that I have bought.    I received one as a gift when my daughter was born and now am giving them to all my friends when they have babies.  Everyone loves them.  Thank-you!."   Regina,  Saskatchewan 

"Your nursing pillow is the best!  I love the new SuperSoft fabric and the quality of The Baby Buddy Nursing Pillow is unbeatable"  Calgary, AB

"Thank-you. I received the nursing pillow last week and I am very happy with it.  I appreciated the prompt service!  My 21month old son has adopted it for nap time, so we may have a fight on our hands when the new baby arrives!  Salmon Arm, B.C.

"I just want to introduce your pillow as a good sleeping pillow for pregnant women.  Even my husband loves it.  I have been using it for several months and can't sleep without it now."  Calgary, AB

I'm very happy to have received my pillow so quickly! I've been borrowing my friends baby buddy pillow since the pillow I purchased originally is not comfortable for me or my daughter.  Thanks for creating such a body friendly pillow designed for mom & babies comfort.  Salmon Arm, B.C.

Just thought I would let you know that I love your product, and I am not the only one! I bought my Baby Buddy when I was living in Calgary in 2003, and where I gave birth to my first son in 2004. It is so much better than other nursing pillows.  The Baby Buddy provides optimum support and comfort, and we love it.  I recently gave birth to my second son in the States, and once again, I am in love with my Baby Buddy. The lactation consultants at Hospital where I gave birth, are also really taken with it, and I am hoping you may get some Colorado orders soon. . . when I was in meeting with the LC the other day, she actually liked my Baby Buddy so much that she walked around the Labor & Delivery ward showing it to people and giving them your company's name!  In keeping with our *Baby Buddy* tradition, I have just placed an order for another pillow and some covers as a Christmas gift for my sister-in-law, who is expecting her first baby in February. We couldn't let her use a sub-optimum pillow!  Thanks for the terrific product! I don't think I could have survived the first weeks of nursing (either time) without it!   Westminster, CO, USA

I received my order today and I am so very pleased. That was the fastest shipping from Calgary we have ever seen! (We moved here from Calgary) Thanks so much for was well worth the money to have it shipped, I will enjoy it.  I may order a few more covers in the near future...I LOVE the chenille covers (which weren't available 7 years ago when I got my first pillow)...what a great idea! THANKS again.  Alaska, USA

My Mom originally bought me The Baby Buddy Nursing Pillow for my first child in 2005 and I used it as a pillow while I was pregnant with him.  When he was born we used it for nursing and then as he grew it became his nap and story time pillow.  I became pregnant with my second child and my mom figured we couldn't take away my son's pillow, so she bought me a second one.  I used it non stop until now as it is Kennedy's nap time pillow.  So, now I'm buying myself one... We love them.  Thanks so much...  Banff, AB

Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your product. I had a different nursing pillow with my first baby, which I quickly stopped using because I found it stiff and awkward. I gave it away, even when I knew I was pregnant for the second time. A friend of mine from calgary had a baby buddy pillow, and when I stumbled upon your website I thought I would try it out. Now, my new baby is 4 weeks old, and we love the pillow. In fact, I just ordered a second one, because my 2 year old loves to use it as her pillow every afternoon during her naps, so I am ordering her her own for her bed. Thanks!

 I received my order yesterday.  I LOVE these pillows.  Has anyone ever mentioned to you that because it's not a firm "U" shape it can be used as a body pillow before birth?  I'm 5 months pregnant and have to sleep with a body pillow or else it's quite painful to sleep and I used one of these for myself last night because it was so comfortable!  I couldn't have used the "...." pillow I had for that purpose.  Brilliant design!  Red Deer, AB

hi! just wanted to let you guys know that my buddy pillow is the best pillow i've ever had. i got mine in 2002 in calgary and i still use it today. it certainly helped a lot during the final months of pregnancy when finding a comfortable position to sleep was difficult. my buddy pillow made breastfeeding easier too. we also used it to prop up our little guy... especially useful when he had a cold and couldn't sleep lying flat on his back. now i use it to prop myself up in bed. a lot of our little guy (who insists that he's a "big boy" now) just cuddles with it in bed. thanks so much for making such a high quality and multi-purpose pillow!   (NOTE:  Your baby should NEVER be left alone with a pillow - supervision is always necessary)

I just ordered my pillow late last night and you delivered it to my door 15 minutes ago...that is FANTASTIC customer service...I will definitely be a repeat customer and be telling others about you as well. Not only is the pillow fabulous but so is the service!!!   Calgary, AB

Hi Baby Buddy! I love your pillow. My son is four days old and we've been using your pillow for only 24 hours, but I can confirm it's worth its weight in gold!  In the hospital we had trouble finding a comfortable position, which made me anxious, which made latching harder for us. Each nurse had a different trick to try, but none were consistently good for us. When we got home I tried a C-shaped pillow, but it put the baby too high and fatigued my arms. At our appointment with the Health Region we were able to try the Buddy pillow and it was the first enjoyable  feeding we had! He was in the perfect position and I just relaxed. It was amazing!! I insisted we buy one on the way home.  We went to (one of your retailers), but they didn't have a Baby Buddy. They convinced me that the (other similar looking) Pillow was exactly the same - maybe better. So I bought it. Within five seconds at home I could tell it was nowhere near as good as the Baby Buddy.  I sent my husband out immediately to get a real Baby Buddy pillow. And thank god I did! My son is feeding, peeing and sleeping like a pro and I know it has a lot to do with this pillow.  Thank you so much for your product. I can guarantee it will be given with love to every mother-to-be I know!  Calgary, Alberta - December 2010


Hi There! I just wanted to pass along my excitement about the Baby Buddy Pillow. The pillow was recommended to me by my amazing Postpartum Doula, and was a total game changer for me with breastfeeding. It helped me find that comfortable position and nail our latch! I am totally loving the experience of breast feeding, and if we never got that latch figured out, I may have lost my way. Thanks for being one of a few extremly valuable tools for breast feeding success!  Calgary, Alberta - December 2011